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            Sitting on an industrial land of approximately 48’180 square feet, Perusahaan Getah Amal Sdn Bhd has 5 single storey factory. The factory provides covered manufacturing area of 35’000 square feet.


             Perusahaan Getah Amal Sdn Bhd is adequately equipped with up-to-date machinery and equipment for all kind of rubber compound and rubber component. It owns 26 units of 100-500 tons hydraulic heater element plate press, 2 units of 40” two roll rubber mixing mill, 2 unit of 60” two roll mixing mill, Japan closed type intensive mixer, 1 unit of China Kneader, 1 unit of Japan Kneader, 2 unit of USA Monsanto Rheometer, 1 unit of Japan Densimeter, 3 unit of Japan Teclok Hardness Tester, 1 unit of Japan Westop Hardness Tester, Hydraulic Cutter, Sand Blasting Machine, 3 units Buffing Machine, 1 unit of 1.5 ton forklift, 1 unit of 2.5 tons Nissan forklift and 1 unit of 2.5 ton Toyota forklift to provide production capability.


          The company has a team of skilled operator and welders led by experienced technical staff. It is capable of produce a wide range of rubber products both in terms of size and complexity. Our capability includes of Car Rubber Mat, Radiator gasket; Oil, Heat, Ozone Resistant O-ring, Rubber Shoe Sole, Automobile components, Safety Support, Ridge Pad and many others.

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