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          Perusahaan Getah Amal Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia company specializing in all kind of Black Rubber Product and Rubber Component handling, especially in Car Rubber Mat & Carpet mat production. We produce and supply Natural, synthetic, oils, ozone, heats & flamed resistant, and various range of quality rubber compound / rubber product.


          The company started operations in 1987 with 18 personnel. Today, our head count exceeds 56 people. Our team of over 15 years experienced operator and technical specialists are capable handle a range of simple to highly sophisticated rubber product.


             Perusahaan Getah Amal Sdn Bhd is able to integrate advance technologies to produce high quality product for our customers. Our strategic location in Malaysia enables us to source for the best value raw material, rubber and component, to provide our customers with the most competitively priced system.


           We create values for our customer by focusing on achieving excellence in our core competency, that is rubber technologies. By forming long-term partnership with our entire customer, technological partners, supplies as well as a strong de Corp within the company, Perusahaan Getah Amal Sdn Bhd is able to deliver high quality products within schedule and budget.


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